Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Little Monster Cupcakes

Last week I had about 3 friends who celebrated their birthday so I thought I would bake them a little something! I decided to go with a Sesame Street theme, many ideas from searching cupcakes on Tumblr (the things you can find there!).

To make Cookie Monster, I used buttercream icing with blue colouring, in a piping bag with a small nozzle to get thin lines. For his eyes just a white chocolate button with some black marzipan or fondant. Don't forget you need a cookie!

For Elmo, it was pretty much the same thing except you are replacing the cookie with a single Oreo without icing. To make his nose, just use orange marzipan or fondant. I usually just have white marzipan and mix the colours myself by hand.

So that is all you need to make these cute little monsters! Oh and don't forget to make the peak of your cupcakes higher to give them more height. This also reduces the amount of icing you put on top.

Please comment! I'm getting a feeling no one is even looking at my blog LOL :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

Cute Fruit

Happy Monday! I hope getting up this morning was easier for yourself than my struggle...

Fruit tarts. What can I say, they are one of my favourite desserts of all time! I started making it last year and they turned out alright... However there is definitely room for improvement! The image above was taken at Christmas! 

My glaze-less fruit tart!
BUT I still haven't found a really good glaze recipe! I've tried ones using jam & gelatin but they don't seem to work that well for me. I prefer a glaze that hardens into jelly after applying.

So if anyone has a good recipe for a fruit tart glaze, I would love to hear back from you! The only glaze that I know of that hardens comes in a 15 kg bucket, which is really not an ideal size for me...

Check out taste.com.au for an easy & basic shortcrust pastry recipe

Fruit tarts may seem hard to make but with practice, are really easy to assemble and look as good as they taste! Why not give it a go? I would love to hear how you went.

Have a great week!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

2 Broke Girl$

So you may or may have not seen the new hilarious comedy, 2 Broke Girl$ starring Kat Dennings (Max) & Beth Behrs (Caroline). If you haven't you should! 

It's about 2 girls with no money hoping to open up their own cupcake business, with the cash they earn at a sleezy diner. Max comes from a poor hard working family, where as Caroline is a rich girl turned poor after her trust fund is emptied. 

At the end of each episode they show the total amount of money they have in their bank account. (It decreases most of the time, quite like my own!) 

It is so funny and whenever I watch it, I think of the many times I am a stupid fool in the kitchen. The mess I am able to make, I have certainly turned into a master, just ask my mum... :)

One of my favourite episodes is when the girls go for cupcake decorating class with interesting teachers... 

Hope you watch it and become as addicted to it as I am! 

All right stop, collaborate, and listen

Well, I am a student still saving up for my very first Kitchen Aid! I spend my weekends baking instead of what I really should be doing- studying! Yes it is bad, but I get to that later. 

I love music, fashion and my dog, Moo. I have to admit that I am an old soul when it come to music! I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON and classical musicals like Cats & The Phantom of the Opera. So I am used to getting eye rolls from friends whenever I ramble on or sing about it :) And I have a slight obsession with the Kardashians...

Oh and I should really exercise more from eating all these cupcakes... Red Velvet cupcakes I should add.

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Enjoy :)