Monday, 9 April 2012

Chocolate Fun

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! 

We had a small gathering with friends and I made tiramisu! I just love the flavour of a hint of coffee- YUM! I've made it only a few times and love to make it. Did I mention that it's so easy to make?!

I don't know if you've tried piping chocolate, but it's a very easy way to give something a very professional look. All you need to do is melt chocolate over hot water on the stove. Choose a piping tip, (I just use a small round one for lines). Once it's melted and cooled for a bit just place it into your piping bag. 

Make sure you have lined a baking tray or clear surface with baking paper, this makes it easier for you peel the chocolate designs off after.

Now all you need to do is start piping! 

Feel free to experiment with difference shapes, I made some random shapes that turned out looking alright! Or you can always place a template underneath the baking paper to 'trace' over.

You can also use your leftover chocolate to spread on an empty space. This creates flat sheets which you can snap, to create a 'shard' effect or simply just shave it with a knife.

Easter tiramisu...

...or a fancy treat!
Hope this inspires you to try out some chocolate piping! 

And don't forget if you make a mistake just peel it off and melt it again... chocolate can be recyclable.

Have a great week, Saturday is not too far away! :)


Marayna said...

The bunny ears are such a clever way to make tiramisu an Easter dessert :)

Meagan Carmen said...

Yes! On anything in fact, many shapes you can create for different occasions!